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Hello from the Midwest – Illinois to be specific. Not sure if I should always tell people I’m from Illinois, being that we are the worst state in the union for debt and management, AND we have the most Governors in prison. However, I am proud to be a Midwest guy and my life has been quite good and full of adventures.  

Following college I have often thought about doing more writing. Have been told a fair number of times that I write well and should do something more with that skill. Well, I’ll let you be the judge of my skill. None-the-less, I do have the desire and I think I have some good things to share with you all.

This is my first attempt at a Blog type platform, so I am still learning the Ins and Outs of development, publishing, content, etc. So, you’ll have to bear with me a little until I get rolling a little. AND, I’m always open to suggestions for improvement and ideas.

My goals for this site and Blog content are still evolving. All the articles and Blogger information out there says “find and niche and stick to that”. Well, ok but I am not the kind of person to get pigeonholed to one thing – my career is very much the same, so I have learned to be involved in many things at once. However, I realize it could at times be boring and hard to follow too many different things. So, I’ll always try to keep things somewhat relevant.

As I prepare some content, feel free to contact me and offer suggestions or just introduce yourselves. I always like to meet new people and hear your story as well. Until next time, take care and I look forward to a great new adventure.




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