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Do we really need Gun Control?

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Gun Control – Needed or Not?

Random post here folks.

As I sit here reviewing some morning news feeds before I start my day, I cannot help but be shocked, concerned, saddened, and angry over all the crazy articles calling for gun control following the latest shooting at a Texas church.

I am deeply, deeply saddened by the tragic events of this past weekend’s shooting in Texas and I pray for all those that have lost loved ones or were injured by this senseless act of random terror. However, is gun ownership or gun possession really what this is about? I think not.

Most of the recent shootings, minus the randomly occurring gun violence throughout the world, has been the result of mentally ill or deeply stressed individuals who just happened to use a firearm as their preferred method of inducing death and destruction. The shooter (I will never give a shooter credit by saying their name) in Las Vegas this fall obtained guns legally and had been for many years a quiet recreational firearms owner Until……  So, what happened? The guns did not go off the deep end.

Another intriguing point that seems to be missed by our “neutral” media. The latest Texas shooting involved concerned citizens who came to the aid of the innocent people being gunned down inside their church – a place of holy refuge. These citizens just happened to be law abiding gun owners who engaged the shooter and chased him from the scene where he could have inflicted much more destruction. I do not know if it has been proven as yet if the citizens that engaged the shooter were responsible for the fatal gunshot that ended his life or not, but I think any of those church goers would say they are glad someone came to their aid. Maybe I am wrong.

Gun Control? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. Criminals will always find a way to obtain weapons – Gun control is not an answer in itself. There are so many other things that have to happen in my opinion for ANYTHING to change in this country regarding gun related violence and death by firearm.

My opinions, and they are only that – opinions, are that there needs to be much greater law enforcement in this country. People, we have to pay for protection! Cities, Counties, and States are being forced to cut law enforcement due to lack of funding and a variety of other reason. Safety costs money.

Secondly, I think there needs to a more responsible manufacture and distribution of weapons. Weapons are just too accessible in this country. People might argue that, that is gun control – not really. Is it really necessary to be able to walk into the largest discount retailer in the world and buy a firearm? I pulled it up on the website – cannot buy one from the web through a retailer, but is that where firearms should be marketed? I have nothing against this retailer at all – just that a discount retailer of every type of product and master of none should not be the place to buy a firearm. Additionally, to my point on manufacture. Why do we need such radical weaponry in this country? Now, I do not own a firearm, however, I am a strong Second Amendment supporter. I used to own firearms many years ago but just choose not to now. I know, I should not be criticising any gun owner if I don’t own……I’ve heard it all folks. It is a choice for me not to own a firearm. I support my friends, family, and any other legal gun owner in this country. I just think the manufacture of such sophisticated weaponry for the general public is where there needs to be some change.

Lastly, this country needs to find a way to better monitor and treat people at high risk for violence. Granted you never know when that will occur. Terrorists are not going to let us know when they are going to strike, however, most people or terrorists that are getting ready to strike exhibit changes in behavior or will make statements. Think back to the most recent shootings – most of them or all of them that I can recall now had changes in behavior, posts to social media, or other strange activities just before striking that someone should have noticed. We sure notice it when it involves a “known” terrorist group or “watched” group. I believe much more can be done than what is.

As I close, I want to leave one last comment, and it is very disturbing. Just after the events unfolded this past weekend in Texas, I was traveling home with my wife. As she was reading me some updates from the web regarding the shooting and some of the known details, I shook my head and said to her “yeah, the shooter is probably a young, white male, with a history violence or mental illness, and is or was likely abused”. That comment was several hours before any news hit the media regarding a profile of the shooter. It is a very disturbing thing to me, that a common guy like myself can guess with pretty good accuracy the likely profile of this type of crime. It’s really a very sad thing that we have come to this.

Lord have mercy on us all

I encourage commenting but keep in mind that I am moderating. No hateful comments will be allowed. Let us just have some meaningful discussion. Let us learn from one another. 

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  1. When a person stoops to this level of mass destruction of life my opinion is that they are either mentally ill or political/religious extremist. The challenge then becomes identifying those people BEFORE they bring harm to others.

    When it comes to the mentally ill, mental health professionals are, by law, not allowed to report patients to authorities that they suspect are a danger to themselves and to others. Law enforcement cannot arrest someone on grounds of “concern”, but only when an altercation happens. Families, friends and co-workers can recognize odd/depressed behavior, but to whom can they report it too?

    Some believe that the solution is to remove guns from ALL people. The challenge is (thanks to the black market and back allies of this world) bad people will continue to have access to guns while leaving good people defenseless.

    I think at the core of it all we need a way to report and deal with mentally ill individuals, not going after their weapon of choice. How do we do that? Perhaps we START with involving mental health professionals…at the very least have a conversation on a reporting system…and move forward from there.

    Thank God for the armed good people who were bold enough to risk their own lives to chase down these recent killers. In the end the killers used their very own guns to kill themselves.

    1. Good comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and stop by.

      I really do not feel in the end removing guns will be any kind of legit answer. However, things are definitely out of control the way they are.

      I’m a Second Amendment supporter all the way, but arming the masses to protect against the slugs of the world is not the answer either.

      Lot’s happening in the world these days. 🙏🏻

  2. Not sure I really answered your question Russell. I think if the Gun Control advocates really had their way, we’d lose the guns. I guess I advocate mostly for change – maybe that’s something as simple as a gun safety class in high school. I don’t know – this was really an exercise in opening some discussion.

  3. Hey Jai. I like the heartfelt thoughts here. I do have to ask, though, how is what you’re calling for not gun control? Can you explain to me what it is you think Gun Control entails? I’m curious, because the things you pointed out that need to happen are the very things that those who call for Gun Control are advocating. No one wants to take guns away. Well, I’ll revise that. Some do, and they have their reasons. However, most are calling for stronger vetting of possible owners, for not selling weapons in such easy-access areas, and curbing what weapons can actually be bought (the radicalized weaponry you pointed out). So, maybe I’m missing something, but what would be the difference in your eyes?

    1. Thanks for reading Russell. I cannot really say what side of the fence I am on – that’s why I put the ?? marks after the title. I still am very much a Second Amendment believer, however, something has to change. The three things I mentioned are really things we do kind of loosely now, with the exception of producing weaponry that is extremely dangerous even in the hands of professionals. I just cannot say really, but what I can say is that we must do better than we are doing now. I truly just want a safer country. Thanks again Russell for reading.

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