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January 3, 2018




    1. I wanted to. Those impressions are actually in the town I live in. I live in Washington IL, which is just about 10 minutes from Eureka College where Lincoln attended. I don’t know all the history but he gave several speeches in the area later in life. It is very cool to have that history so close. Thanks for the comments and for stopping by.

      1. You’re correct Jim – it was Regan that went to Eureka and not Lincoln. I responded too quickly earlier. Lincoln came through Washington it appears during his campaign to give speeches. From reading, it also appears Mr. Lincoln was a business acquaintance of the bank owner Henry Denhart. I need to do some additional research on his trips through Washington. There are three sets of impressions in Washington that I know of – websites say 5 but I don’t know where those are. Thanks for the additional info Jim and thanks for stopping by.

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