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But not the way you think,,,,,


This is one of those random posts that really does not stick to my normal category of topics, although it does fall into Healthcare in a roundabout sort of way. Which, if anyone follows me knows that is part of who I am and some of my posts fall into that category.

My crazy life exposes me to all types of people – from one end of the spectrum to the other and A LOT in between. I recently met the acquaintance of a lady who shocked me with something that I never thought I would encounter. Selecting physical characteristics of one of her children through genetic selection.

Disclaimer – I am not arguing for or against in this blog post. I have particular beliefs but I will not share those. This is for discussion only. 

Some basic research into this topic, which some of it I was aware of, lead me to the process of in vetro fertilization (IVF), and from what I can conclude with my limited knowledge of the topic, is where this all originates. The use of IVF has been used for a number of years to assist with couples struggling to conceive naturally. I know a few couples that have done this – not a big deal to me really until we start doing things like selecting sex, eye color, or hair color. That, in my humble opinion is starting to cross the line.

The acquaintance that revealed to me that she had engaged in selecting the sex, eye color, and hair color of her newborn did so for reasons NOT related to difficulty conceiving. I really was not aware that selecting physical characteristics of your children was that common. I had heard of it, most notably a few celebrities that were quite proud of the fact that they slighted nature to select the sex of their children. Okay, I just shake my head at that and say to myself “celebrities, no wonder things are so messed up”. But, selecting physical characteristics of a newborn purely for selfish reasons and preference – I really struggle with doing that.

So, let’s open this up for some good discussion with some of the obvious questions. It may all be wasted effort, as it sounds like if you have the cash you can get it,,,,,but should we??

  • What do you think?
  • Should we be doing this, even for those struggling with fertility?
  • Are we messing where it is not our place to mess?
  • As things progress and we can select other traits – athleticism, intelligence, or other talents, should we even try?
  • What about genetic alteration to prevent disease? Should we?
  • What if you make a selection and it does not turn out as expected? Do you love the child or leave it? Does it change your opinion of the child?

I am including a couple fairly recent articles I searched to get myself more familiar with the topic. Oddly enough, there is not that much recent information, AND I did not find much on the selection of physical characteristics other than sex.

Regardless of what you believe, this topic poses some very hard, ethical challenges that I struggle with. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by. Also, thanks in advance for commenting.


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  1. “I really was not aware that selecting physical characteristics of your children was that common.”
    Neither was I! I am shook and I really don’t know how to respond!

  2. Wow! Honest, just because we have the ability to do something, doesn’t mean we should. I understand the possibility of removing genetic disorders, buy if you aren’t willing to take the chance of passing it on, maybe you should reconsider and explore other options like adopting. Just my two cents. Interesting post!

  3. This is a really cool post! I was completely unaware that this was possible so I’m pretty ignorant on the subject.
    It seems similar to people that go to sperm banks and choose a donor with traits that they prefer. Knowing that people do that all the time, I’ve never batted an eye about it.
    Obviously this isn’t the same but it is similar, so maybe I shouldn’t feel as unsettled about it as I do?
    On one hand, the idea that you can prevent your child from having negative genetic conditions sounds great. However, if you wouldn’t still want or love the child regardless of the way it turned out, I can’t say that I think that person deserves to be a parent at all and I think it could be dangerous for the children that are being created this way. Children are constantly being killed by unfit parents that didn’t plan to have them, so I’m imagining an even worse situation for parents that planned to have a specific kind of child and ended up not having their expectations met.
    I don’t think I like the idea of this but maybe I need to do more research or be more open-minded.
    I can’t wait to see what your other followers think, too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment. I was knocked off my feet when this person told me this. I personally think we’re messing with things we shouldn’t.

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