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Who Doesn’t Love Baseball?

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Spring Training 2018

Hey readers!

So, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the last few days, you heard that Pitchers and Catchers reported for Spring Training this week – YES

The recent news of 2018 Spring Training dates where I live has been cause to celebrate. The increase in spring baseball fever could be attributed to several things, like Midwest NFL that was pretty terrible as usual, temperatures in the single digits pretty much since January 1st, or maybe it’s aided by our true love for the Great American Game here in the great Midwest.

In the link below ⇓⇓ you’ll find dates and links to your favorite teams’ spring schedule prior to Opening Day 2018. Go check it out and let’s get ready for some baseball.

The Midwest is a great location to take in a game if you happen to be traveling through. No better rivalry than some St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs. Always some (usually) goodhearted banter with some healthy respect for a game well played.

So, sit back and enjoy the 2018 Winter Olympics and let’s get ready for some baseball.

Field of Dreams
Field of Dreams – Dysersville, Iowa

Something magical about this place – Field of Dreams. Even if you are not a baseball fan, you can feel the energy just being there. I have ran the bases and hit a few balls here and it is one of my greatest memories with my family. If you are ever in the area of Dyersville, Iowa you should definitely check it out.

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    1. For sure – That’s where baseball really started and lots of history there with the Sox and the Yanks. I’m eagerly awaiting Opening Day. Thanks for stopping by 👊🏻

      1. Of course! I was glad to have found you. Seeing as you love baseball as much as I do, maybe you’d consider giving me a follow? I write about all things Red Sox. Perhaps you’d find some interesting posts on there. I would really appreciate it, as I’m just starting out and trying to get involved in the community here!

    1. Oh yes – I was there several years ago and people just stopping by the field, going on the field, and just start playing. Wherever there was an opening someone jumped right in. I hit a few balls and ran the bases. It was a memory for a lifetime. Everyone should make a point to go there.

  1. Nice post! I was never into baseball too much but since the Royals finally got it together a few years ago, it made it hard to not at least kinda enjoy baseball especially being in Kansas City!

    1. Ya – Go Royals. Maybe Midwest baseball will be much better than football 😂😂. Thanks for stopping by 🙏🏻

    1. 👊🏻👊🏻 Astros grabbed themselves a championship last year. I was watching for sure. See how they do this year. Thanks for stopping by 🙏🏻

      1. Thanks for the fist bump. Yeah, I’ve been a lifer with the Stros. So, it was real awesome experience last fall. Don’t know if it will happen again in my lifetime, but I have the DVD now to relive it during drought years.

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