Spring in the Midwest – 2018 part 2

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Spring in the Midwest –  2018 part 2

Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Park

These last two posts are something that I would normally have done as one larger, more comprehensive post. However, since spring was so slow to arrive this year, I was eager to share some photos of our first couple days “really” being outside. Make sure to check out Spring in the Midwest – 2018 Part 1 where I posted some of my first 2018 spring photos taken at Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Park.

Our first real outdoor adventure of Spring 2018 did not disappoint. The weather was really good with only one day of cool temperatures, but that did not stop us from getting out and enjoying Spring in the Midwest.

I should at some point write a very thorough and detailed review of the Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Park, near Petersburg, Illinois. I will do that sometime, but it is such a great park with so many things to offer, I would need a great deal of time to organize it, take A LOT more pictures, and research some of the activities that draw so many people here for recreation.


We have been coming to this park for several years now; usually once in the spring and once in the fall. Those trips usually coincide with organized hunting events that a few of our friends participate in – Turkey in the spring and Dove in the fall. Panther Creek State Park is an outdoor person’s paradise.

Me trying to list all the activities that Jim Edgar Panther Creek has to offer would be woefully inadequate, and I would likely miss something that might be important to someone reading this. Here is a link to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources page for the park. In it is a more thorough list of some of the activities and features of the park. Check it out for sure.

This year’s spring visit brought even more sightings of some native wildlife that is getting harder and harder to find – usually due to loss of habitat and/or human activity frightening them away.

We were treated with a visit by a Great Barred Owl, several Pheasant, a Northern Flicker Woodpecker, and some incredibly clear skies for some moon photography. Don’t forget to check out Spring in the Midwest – 2018 Part 1 to see the owl and moon photos.

Pheasant – 2018
Northern Flicker Woodpecker – 2018
great barred owl
Great Barred Owl – 2018

This year we also participated in a 5K Run/Walk at the West of Wise winery in Petersburg, Illinois. The owners of the winery said this was their third year hosting the run/walk that is typically held about the same weekend each year. If you aren’t a runner, no worries, they’ll like you just the same. Check out West of Wise if you enjoy local spirits.

Run for the Rose’ – 5K Run/Walk -2018

The weather this year was quite a bit cooler than it typically is this time of the year when we normally visit Jim Edgar Panther Creek, so some of our usual activities got squashed. None-the-less, I have some photos from last year to share, just to prove this park is a real gem.

I can’t tell you where I found the Morels 🙂  That’s just good morel etiquette. You can find some nice ones in this area – trust me.

If you aren’t into camping, the park does have some rustic cabins to reserve. A caveat to using the cabins – NO AIR CONDITIONING and SMALL.

So, get off the couch and head down to the Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Park.

As always folks, thanks for stopping by and thanks for all the support.

spring in the midwest pin

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    1. Petersburg, Illinois is a nice little town to visit. It happens to be the site where Lincoln’s New Salem historical site sits. Thats a neat day trip and very nice park. Lovely little town. Thanks for stopping by 👏🏻

      1. I’d say it’s time to make another trip back 👍🏼. Most people going for the New Salem exhibit don’t even go into Petersburg. There are some cool historical things about Lincoln that are extremely fascinating, but the settlement I thought was kind of hokey and I was bored in about fifteen minutes.

      2. I was taken to New Salem by an uncle. He later became the mayor of Paterson NJ right across from NYC. He went on to be a state legislator in Trenton NJ. I guess Lincoln was an inspiration to him….Maybe I will get to visit the place again some day.

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