Petition to Change Halloween Date

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Petition to Change Halloween Date?

I came across a strange article last week, and it seems timely to share it since Halloween is this week.

It appears there is a petition to change Halloween from always being on October 31st, to the last Friday in October.

Highlighted in the article are arguments for the move, none of which really make a strong case for the move to me. And, they are asking the President to entertain this move. Let’s hope he doesn’t.

From what I gathered from the article, the petition to change Halloween date is being driven by the Halloween and Costume Association. There is actually an association for Halloween? Who knew?

Anyway, HERE is the link to the USA Today article that summarized the petition.

Form your own opinions, but I’ll be getting ready for Halloween on the 31st of October, just like always.



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    1. For sure – I read that Halloween has origins as far back as 2,000 years. Craziness, but hey we’re taking down monuments in the US because they are “offensive”, why not move Halloween too?? Thanks for reading 🙏🏻

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