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Midwest Autumn Roundup 2018

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Midwest Autumn Roundup 2018

Here we are in the early part of November 2018, and autumn has pretty much come and gone here in the Midwest, so I thought I would share my favorite photos in a Midwest Autumn Roundup 2018.

Not sure about where you might be from, but here in the Midwest, we started autumn off quite poorly, to be honest. September here in Illinois was more like August with temperatures staying well into the 80 degrees and even some 90 degrees.

October finally started to cool off a bit, but not until we had a couple 90 degree days. To make things worse, Illinois went right to 30-40 degrees. Basically, our autumn didn’t start until mid-October.

Once the leaves began to change, we had one of the most beautiful autumns in recent memory.

So, without further ado, here is Midwest Bliss’ Midwest Autumn Roundup 2018


Autumn started off slow but we managed some lovely early fall days.

Even though the temperatures stayed hot in the Midwest, the trees still knew it was time to start changing.


Captured while exploring Matthiessen State Park in Utica, Illinois. Read my review of that lovely park HERE.

Fall skies this year were incredible.

By the middle of October foliage around Central Illinois was turning magical. We had a few really cold, wet days that turned things quickly.

In mid-October, my wife and I explored the Covered Bridges of Parke County, Indiana. You can read about that HERE.

The last week of October turned out to be an amazing flurry of foliage. These photos above were taken along Grandview Drive, Peoria Heights, Illinois. Read my post about The World’s Most Beautiful Drive HERE.


Closing out the autumn season, my wife and I make an annual journey to Southern Illinois to stay in the Shawnee National Forest. Read about one our recent trips to the Shawnee Forest HERE.

Our trip this year was turned out to be rather wet, however, we did capture some amazing colors. We also got to witness Kinkaid Lake Spillway falls in all its glory.

So, there you have it folks, Midwest Autumn Roundup 2018 by Midwest Bliss.

This year will go down in my memories as one of the shortest autumns in recent years, however, this year was also one of the most beautiful autumns we’ve had in several years.

As always, I appreciate your readership.

Get out and enjoy this beautiful world we have and don’t forget to share it. What is all this beauty if we can’t share it?

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