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Freezing Fog Morning

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Freezing Fog Morning

Fresh off the heels of a significant snowfall that covered much of the Midwest the second week of January 2019, a rare occurrence happened – Freezing Fog.

Freezing fog is a common occurrence in some parts of the word, but rarely seen around the Midwest. Freezing fog occurs when fog freezes, forming a crust on surfaces. This typically happens when there is very cold air over a warmer, moist surface.

The snowfall that fell here in the Midwest the second week of January was wet and heavy snow. During the night following the snowfall, the temperatures fell to near zero degrees Fahrenheit, and as the sun rose, Freezing Fog formed over the warmer snow.

Below are some of the photographs we captured of this beautiful event.

Just before sunrise, the freezing fog was lying low near the ground. The frosty crust was already forming on the trees, which made for some beautiful winter scenery. 

freezing fog

freezing fog

This last photo shows how the freezing fog was hanging over lower areas. You can barely see the trees in the background since the fog was so heavy in these areas. As the fog settled on the trees it made for some amazingly beautiful scenery. 

Winter in the Midwest can be a kind of long and boring season, however, there are times like this when nature surprises us with something unexpected and beautiful. 

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freezing fog


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    1. Thank you – I knew it existed but only researched it for this post. There are actually several categories of fog that changes as a result of air temperature. Kind of fascinating I thought. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Thank you so much – I had a lot of fun shooting these photos even though it was zero outside. 🥶🥶

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