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A Snowy February Weekend in the Upper Peninsula

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A Snowy February Weekend in the Upper Peninsula

How do you spend a snowy February weekend in the Upper Peninsula? You get outside and try to make the most of it.

This blog post started off as winter travel tips in the Marquette/Munising, Michigan area in February. However, our weekend plans changed quickly when the area was hit by one of the worst snow storms of the season.

Our plans for the weekend of February 22 – 25, 2019 originally included visiting the Lake Superior shoreline to stargaze, and visit Marquette, Michigan to photograph the abandoned ore dock, which we did do but not as planned.

One thing we did plan that turned out quite well was snowmobile riding on the extensive trails in and around Munising, Michigan. More on that in a few moments.


For this trip, we selected a nice little cabin just outside of Munising, which worked out quite nicely, as it was very close to our snowmobile rentals.

Pictured Rocks Cabins – A very nice, modern, yet outdoorsy cabin that will have you feeling right at home the moment you arrive.

Situated just off the Pictured Rocks National Shoreline and smack in the middle of the Hiawatha Forest, this cabin is just what we were looking for.

The cabin is two rentals in one cabin so you might not be alone, but the hosts (Brad and Kathy) are very good at keeping track of who is coming and going – but, not in an intrusive way. The second room was rented but we did not know our neighbors were even there.

Pictured Rocks Cabins has several options for booking. We booked through Airbnb, but Brad and Kathy have a nice website for booking. We just chose Airbnb because we use the site often and was familiar.

Photos below are all taken right at the cabin.

One final comment regarding our stay at Pictured Rocks Cabin – Brad and Kathy were great hosts. They both came to meet us when we arrived at the cabin to make sure everything was as expected. Since it snowed quite a bit that weekend, Brad made sure the drive was cleared of snow and accessible.

On Sunday, the 24th, when the blizzard hit, the entire area lost power for a period of time. Brad messaged us to make sure we were ok and that they had contacted the power company to get someone working on it for us. It was most appreciated.

Other lodging options – Pictured Rocks National Shoreline is a busy warm weather destination and there are more options for lodging during warmer months. Several of the hotels that are located near the shoreline close for the winter, however, there are still several options we heard about while visiting.

Holiday Inn Express, Munising – A spectacular location right on Lake Superior. Looked very busy when we visited, so book early.

Econolodge Inn & Suites – Wetmore, Michigan. This is located near Munising and only a short 10 minutes from Munising and the Pictured Rocks Shoreline. The Econolodge is also where our snowmobile rental was located. So, if you are renting snowmobiles, give this a look – again, very busy so check early.

Cherrywood Lodge – Wetmore, Michigan. This lodge is also part of the Econolodge property where snowmobile rentals are located.


When I was younger, we owned snowmobiles and they are incredibly fun. My wife was skeptical, to say the least. She had never been on one and was quite reluctant when I first suggested we give this a try.

The Upper Peninsula is really where it’s at if you want a great snowmobiling experience. Miles and miles of trails, lots of snow, groomed trails, and scenery that will absolutely amaze you.

We do not own snowmobiles, so renting for the day was in order. We heard of several places renting but we only checked on the location where we did rent from and they were very good to work with and were quite friendly people.

Munising Snowmobile Rentals – Wetmore, Michigan.

Definitely, give these Munising Snowmobile rentals a try if you are planning to take a snowmobile trip to the area.

Prices were average for a day rental. What made this experience renting our sleds so enjoyable was the great care taken by the staff to ensure we had a great experience. The staff made us feel welcome, helped us with our paperwork, made sure we were properly outfitted and gave us all the information we needed to operate our sleds safely.

Safety was definitely the selling point for Munising Snowmobile Rentals. From making sure we could operate our sleds safely, to providing us good options for the best trails to hit, and then having a staff member lead us safely to the trailhead to ensure we were headed the right direction. They also provided us a phone number and asked us to at least text message them during the day to let them know we were doing ok.

Photos below show our snowmobile and a small sample of the trails we rode.



Munising Snowmobile Rentals have a variety of sleds for every type of operator. We selected a two-seater since my wife had never operated a sled before. It was a nice sled.

My wife would say that the back seat of a snowmobile is not the place to be – it sits up higher and does not have the benefit of the windshield to block the wind. The back seat did have hand warmers though – that kept us out there a while longer for sure.

Our pictures were all taken with phones since it was just too difficult to take a larger camera. However, we did capture some amazing sights during our day on the snowmobiles.

Views from the trails and snapshots from a brief hike along the way to visit Miner’s Falls. We had snowfall the entire day of snowmobiling on Saturday.

michigan conservation

Make sure you have proper identification and registration while on the trails. We saw Conservation stop a few snowmobilers checking for proper paperwork and safety. Keep up the great work #michiganconservation.

Scenes from the trails

pictured rocks shoreline

Read more about Miners Castle Overlook HERE.

Miners Falls – located a short ride from Miners Castle Overlook. Was a little hike back to the falls but the scenery was well worth it.

Ice formation from Miners Falls


upper peninsula



  • Check the weather – we did not expect a blizzard even though the forecast called for snow. Travel was very dangerous
  • If you are renting sleds or have never been snowmobiling, call ahead and check with vendors, they will be more than happy to provide details. The trails were quite busy the last weekend of February. If you can go during the week, even better.
  • Travel in a truck or SUV with 4 wheel drive, if possible. We would have been stranded had we not been in my pickup with 4 wheel drive.
  • Food is sparse – don’t expect to see any chain restaurants in Munising. We got decent food but nothing spectacular.
  • Lodging was pretty much all booked up during our stay. We booked about three months in advance and things were pretty full then.
  • The locals were all fabulous – ask questions if you want details about local travel, food, destination, or any other specific information. They’ll be happy to help you.

So, there you have it, readers, our review of Munising, Michigan and our snowy weekend in February.

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A Snowy February in the Upper Peninsula




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  1. Pictured Rocks is such a great Midwestern destination. We always head up during the warm seasons, so it was nice to see the area in winter.

  2. Glad you survived the bad weather! Looks like a fun time snowmobiling. I can’t believe I’ve lived in MN my whole life and never rode on one!

    1. Yes indeed. It was a wonderful way to spend a snowy weekend for sure. Highly recommend the UP if you’ve never been. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. If sure was and we made the most of it. Truth be told we drive in it and should not have – very dangerous. But hey, we were trying to enjoy Michigan. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. This looks like a great winter getaway. Love the cabin and the Miners Falls. Will have to check it out

    1. Absolutely should. It’s was really beautiful – if you like snow. Thanks 🙏🏻

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