Bald Eagles Over The Midwest 2019

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Bald Eagles Over The Midwest 2019

According to sources, Illinois sees the largest migration of wintering Bald Eagles than any other state in the continental United States, second only to Alaska. Who knew? Clearly, they haven’t been taxed for their stay 🙂

Anyway, I digress.

The winter of 2019 certainly has been my most successful Bald Eagle viewing winter in memory.

There have been disappointments for sure. In January, my wife and I made a trip to Dubuque, Iowa, where there is almost always a great viewing of migrating Bald Eagles. Not this year. A cold snap, i.e. Polar Vortex, pushed through the area and drove the Bald Eagles further south.

Early in February, temperatures stabilized and rivers and streams started to melt enough to bring the Raptors back into the area.

Below are some of my favorite Bald Eagle photos taken during the Winter of 2019.

My last two photos are of the immature Bald Eagle. Typically, the immature Eagle will not obtain the tell-tale white head and tail until it reaches about five years in age. Still a beautiful animal in my opinion.

As of the writing of this post, the weather remains cold enough that there are still numerous Bald Eagles in the area. That means you still have time to get out there and see these incredible animals.

HERE is a link to Illinois locations for some guided viewings, or just head out on your own and keep your eyes in the sky – but, not while you’re driving, please.

See some of our other wildlife photography HERE.

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    1. Thank you! This was my best year for sightings and managing to get really close. I’ll be looking forward to their return next winter, but until then, I’m ready for spring ☺️

      1. It’ll be cool to see what you have for spring. Wonderful time of year for birds, animals and landscapes

  1. Interesting fact about Illinois and bald eagle migration. I wonder where Iowa stands? I live in rural North Central Iowa and the most we have had on our farm and one time, hanging out in our trees has been 19! There are several nests in our area too.

    1. Some of those photos I took were taken in Iowa City right smack in the middle of town on the Iowa River. There was a little park just off the campus of the hospital – more near Corralville. Best photo opportunities I’ve had in years. Iowa has to rank up there pretty high as well.

  2. We have been wanting to go see the bald Eagles. Great pictures! Have you ever seen them at Starved Rock or would you say going near border with Iowa and Illinois on the River is better? On a year when there is not a polar vortex (:

    1. Oh Yes, Starved Rock Area is great for Eagle viewing and a really good location for other outdoor activities. The Mississippi River should still have some Eagles around but you might have to get away from heavy traffic. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. We have some bald eagles that live in abandoned farmsteads in the area! Every once in awhile I’ll catch one in a field or flying on my drive to work! There is nothing more magnificent!

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