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A solution for carrying firewood

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A solution to carrying firewood like a lumberjack – The Dwelling with pride, Large-capacity wood carrier.

log carrier

I spend a lot of time outdoors when the weather is nice and I needed a solution to the one-arm, lumberjack way of moving lots of firewood. This large-capacity log carrier made by Dwelling with pride was just what I was looking for.

No more trying to balance multiple pieces of firewood in one arm while trying to pick up another and carefully stack it on top of the other. Gone are the days of the balancing act of carrying firewood from one location to your firepit, deck, or in the house.


Made of very strong canvas, this log carrier is up to the task. Solid stitching along the straps, which run the length of the carrier, so no issues with the straps coming loose at one end. Nice comfortable grab loops at the top of the straps make carrying a full load of wood easy and comfortable. The canvas is waxed, so it wicks water away nicely. Shake it off after hauling a load of wood and you’re ready for the next use.

log carrier


The large-capacity wood carrier folds up from its 38” x 17” unfolded size into an easily storable item about the size of a small laptop computer – very easy to tuck away in a hall closet, camper drawer, or even tuck it into your wood pile as long as you trust your neighbors.

log carrier

The Dwelling with pride large-capacity log carrier is a must-have if you’re tired of the firewood balancing act. This product will save your back and keep you from injuring yourself unnecessarily.

You could use this product for other uses – picking up toys from the yard, moving landscape materials, picking up sticks or rubbish from the yard in the spring. This product is a must-have.

Get one or two!! Makes a great gift idea for the outdoor people in your life.

You can buy yours right HERE from Amazon

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    1. It really is – I’ve used it several times and I love it. Thanks for reading.

    1. It’s a great idea and I have used it quite a bit. Very handy for around the house or camper site. Thanks for stopping by.

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