murals of pontiac, illinois

Murals of Pontiac, Illinois

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Murals of Pontiac, Illinois

Driving through Central Illinois this summer? Looking for a unique experience to get the family out of the house? If so, consider driving along the Illinois section of Old Route 66 to experience one of the largest collections of murals and street art in the Midwest. Located in Pontiac, Illinois, the Murals of Pontiac is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Situated smack in the middle of Illinois’ most fertile farm ground, Pontiac, Illinois is a gem of a city with a fabulously diverse history. Pontiac is also the county seed and home to the Livingston County Courthouse; also a marvelous site to take in.

Most notably, the 16th President of the United States, Mr. Abraham Lincoln, heard and participated in many legal cases in the Pontiac area. Pontiac was also a location where President Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas spoke and campaigned.

There are several historical sites where President Lincoln visited in Pontiac and surrounding area. See the links below for additional information on those locations.

Living close to Pontiac, Illinois here at Midwest Bliss, a visit has been on our list for some time. For this post, we are focusing on the Murals of Pontiac in hopes of inspiring readers to visit the area and pursue a greater appreciation for what Pontiac, Illinois has done to pay tribute to its wonderful past.

The Murals

A quick visit to the Pontiac Tourism website turned up a list of the murals within the town. 23 murals are currently listed on the site, each with a brief synopsis of the art, who painted it, and its location along with GPS coordinates.

18 of the city’s murals were painted by a group called Walldogs in 2009 in just four days. Read about the Walldogs HERE.

Again, our photos are just a sample of the Murals of Pontiac and certainly not exhaustive by any means. These were just our favorites and those we were able to photograph well.

Keep in mind that Pontiac, Illinois is a busy community and if you are planning a trip to photograph the murals as we did, plan your trip accordingly – cars, people, buses, and tourists will be part of your trip and may make photography challenging.

murals of pontiac, illinois
Pontiac on Route 66
murals of pontiac, il
Waldmire Memorial Mural
murals of pontiac, il
Route 66 Shield Mural
murals of pontiac, il
Palace of Sweets Mural
murals of pontiac, il
Chautauqua Assembly Mural
murals of pontiac, il
Drink Coca Cola Mural
rca victor mural of pontiac, il
RCA Victor Mural
allen candy company mural of pontiac, il
Allen Candy Company Mural

The Livingston County Courthouse

If you are planning a trip to the area, situated right in the middle of the best of the Murals of Pontiac is the Livingston County Courthouse.

An operating courthouse dating back to the late 1800s, this building is a must see.

Read about the Livingston County Courthouse HERE

livingston county courthouse
Livingston County Courthouse

Local Eats

Make sure to sample some local fare when visiting Pontiac.

On our visit, we stopped by Delong’s Casual Dining and Spirits. It just so happened, our first mural, Pontiac on Route 66, is painted on the south side of the business – a bonus.

We highly recommend Delong’s if you want classic American fare, i.e. a juicy burger. Check their menu and location HERE

There are numerous other options within walking distance of the downtown area, so make sure to stop by and check out the local food options. Other food options HERE

Well folks, that pretty well sums up our day trip to sample the Murals of Pontiac in Pontiac, Illinois.

We’ll be making additional posts about this lovely Midwest town. Driving what is left of the Old Route 66 Highway is one of our bucket list items here at Midwest Bliss. So, keep an eye out for those posts in the future.

As always, thanks for stopping by and make sure to get out there and experience the Great Midwest, or where ever it is you are. There is so much of our world to see and experience.

murals of pontiac

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  1. So neat! I love looking for murals and need to explore more of Rt. 66. What a perfect opportunity (or an excuse!) for a road trip. Thanks!

    1. That’s awesome Jim. My wife works in Pontiac so I got up there quite a bit but the weather hasn’t cooperated with me this spring. I loved taking these photos and I appreciate you stopping by to see them. Thanks

      1. Yes – I’d would have loved to tour it but it was closing up when I arrived. Really interesting story about the courthouse and how expensive it was at the time. I plan to research that more and get the real story about it.

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