Midwest Sunrise Meets Wind Farm

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Midwest Sunrise Meets Wind Farm

Located near Bloomington/Normal, Illinois, this location has been on our list to photograph for some time. We are calling this photo – Midwest Sunrise Meets Wind Farm.

There isn’t really anything particularly beautiful about a wind turbine spinning, generating renewable energy on a piece of land in the Midwest. However, during the early morning hours, as the sun rises and casts its soft glow across the fields where these structures sit, they are an imposing and uniquely beautiful sight.

Another reason this photo is so special is that it not only represents a farm that is generating wind energy to power consumers in Illinois, it also represents what normally comes to mind when you think of the Midwest – Crops.

Even though the owner of this farm ground is losing some valuable crop-producing ground where these structures are placed. In its place, a structure that is capable of producing renewable, clean energy each and every day if needed. The crops will only produce once per season.

About the photo

This photo was taken at approximately 6:30am on a brisk, late November morning on a daily commute.

Late fall lends itself well to catching some fabulous sunrise photos. A mixture of clouds, low hanging fog, or in this case, some light frost, some fabulous colors and textures can be caught in your photos.

The photo was slightly edited to enhance the glow of the sun against the clouds, however, not enhanced greatly. You can see a slight amount of low lying fog/frost in the photo in the distance against the trees.

On this day, the turbines were actually spinning when the photo was taken. However, in order to capture the motion, the other elements of the sunrise may have been lost. Therefore, we opted for a faster shutter and turbine blades that were rendered still. We enjoyed how the photo turned out.

The effect on the photo was placed in Photoshop. It was called “Plastic Wrap” and added some additional reddish color and gave the photo an embossed, almost 3D kind of character. Maybe not for everyone, but in this case we were happy with the result and the extra detail that was brought out by the effect.

Thank you to all our Midwest Bliss readers.

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  1. What an amazing photo! It almost looks like a painting. Great job capturing the beauty of this farm at sunrise.

  2. Beautiful capture! Finding a unique way to photograph something you’ve seen many times always feels so rewarding. This one literally showcases windmills in a whole new light!

    1. Thank you – seen it many times and love the way they look early in the morning. Thanks for stopping by

    1. Exactly – it’s not a remarkable place but it is beautiful in its own special way. Thanks for stopping by.

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