Southern Illinois Solitude

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Southern Illinois Solitude

This photo of Cedar Sunset Cabins in Buncombe, Illinois, near Carbondale, was shared previously in our Wordless Wednesday category. We are calling this photo/post: Southern Illinois Solitude.

The photo is actually a snip from a timelapse we created while staying in the cabin on a recent weekend getaway. We felt like it was worth another post and show the timelapse that it was taken from.

For this photo and timelapse, we used our very affordable, point-and-shoot Nikon P900 single-lens camera. That’s right, a point-and-shoot camera.

About the photo

One of the benefits we find in a timelapse movie like this is that you can manually move to a point in the timelapse where you captured a shot that you like the best. Just snip it out and voila’ – a shot that you might not have gotten otherwise.

The photo was nearly the way you are viewing it as above. We only lightened the shadows slightly to show some texture of the surrounding trees.

You can see the moon starting to peek into the lower left part of the frame. Luckily for use on this timelapse, we started it well before the moon was rising. Otherwise, we would have likely lost the end due to overexposure from moonlight.

About the location

Part of our annual fall getaway here at Midwest Bliss is a visit to the area of the Shawnee National Forest area.

Due to a couple of unforeseen circumstances, we missed the peak fall foliage. Unable to travel until the second week of November meant we were at risk of missing most it the foliage anyway. A freak Halloween snowstorm a week earlier solidified the fact that we would be missing peak fall foliage.

Cedar Sunset Cabins is a fabulous destination located about twenty minutes south of Carbondale, Illinois.

Two cabins sit on this property. The cabin photographed sits further back on the property and we recommend this cabin if you plan to stay here.

Here is a link to the cabin website if you would like to check it out further:  CLICK HERE

Part of staying in and around this area is to take advantage of the wine trail of Southern Illinois. The Cedar Sunset Cabins are in a prime spot to take advantage of some of the best local vineyards.

We visited the Blue Sky Vineyard during our stay this year and we highly recommend it. Here is a link for their website if you would like to know more: CLICK HERE

The Timelapse

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