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FlipN’ Jigz – Illinois Fishing Guides

Ever wanted to catch more fish? Don’t we all. Give the folks at FlipN’ Jigz Fishing Guides a call if you are in the Central Illinois area and these guys will help you catch more fish and have more fun doing it.

On a recommendation made by a friend of Midwest Bliss who had recently made the acquaintance of the owner of FlipN’ Jigz, I decided to give them a chance and go on one of their guided Crappie tours.


Being somewhat prideful of my fishing skills and not having used a guide before, you can imagine that I was moderately skeptical when our guide – the owner of FlipN’ Jigz, told us we would catch our limit in no time. I can’t say I didn’t believe him, just that I didn’t think that our four-hour trip would yield a limit of Crappie for three of us fishing.

Well, I am happy to report that we did catch “mostly” our limit of Crappie (I’ll explain) during our four-hour trip. Plus, we didn’t spend any time at all searching for the fish, we found them within five minutes and were never out of eyesight of the boat launch where our guide picked us up.

As I mentioned above, I’ll explain “mostly” a limit. We fished on Memorial Day weekend and rain was in the forecast. We kept fishing through one heavy downpour and continued to catch fish. Approximately one hour later, another strong rain cell was moving in and we had about 30 nice sized Crappie to fillet up. So, we decided to head back in and start cleaning fish. Had we stayed out for that last hour, we would have caught our lake limit of Crappie for three fishermen. That’s an accomplishment folks.


Check out the webpages for FlipN’ Jigz for more details and rates.

CLICK HERE for the main web page. CLICK HERE for the FlipN’ Jigz Facebook page – here you’ll find tons of good stuff; pictures of their recent tours, customer feedback, and services offered with rates.

Predominantly, I think FlipN’ Jigz owners and guides typically are fishing Crappie and Catfish based on the conversations we had while on our tour, although there wasn’t much time to talk this day because there was lots of action.

If you have a species of fish you are wanting to book a tour for, if the guys at FlipN’ Jigz can’t help you themselves, I’m sure they will know who to refer you to in order for you to have the best fishing experience possible.

Also, if you are a little weak on the technique for ceratin species, FlipN’ Jigz can help you here as well. I was a little weak using the “flipping” technique, which is very useful in tight areas with lots of overhanging brush/trees or in areas you need a specific placement of your bait. After some demonstration and practice, by the end of the day I pretty well had it down.

These guys are here to not only help you catch fish on your tour but to help you catch more fish in general by offering tips and techniques that will improve your overall experience.

No Gear Necessary

Don’t worry about taking along a bunch of gear – These guys will have you covered.

Like we said earlier, the guys at FlipN’ Jigz want you to have the best experience possible. Just jump on the boat and let them take it from there.

I had brought my Crappie rod that day just because I felt like I should, along with my own bait. Didn’t even use it. Shawn (owner) had gear that was ready for us to use and brought bait that they make themselves.

I am making some suggestions below to help make your fishing experience even better. Let the guides take care of rods, bait, technique, and finding the fish. All you need to do is fish and have fun. That’s my kind of day.

Definitely a full-service experience.


FlipN’ Jigz is based out of Argenta, Illinois, which is situated right in the middle of the best Illinois fishing.

Clinton Lake, Lake Decatur, and Lake Shelbyville are some of the best fishing and recreational lakes in all of Illinois, and FlipN’ Jigz will know where the fish are in these lakes for sure.

If you are interested in other fisheries, I’m sure the FlipN’ Jigz guys can help you out.

Photos From May 24, 2020

Most of our fish were in the 9-inch range and those were plentiful. I’m the guy in the stupid looking hat and the Crappie I’m holding was slightly over 11 inches.

Shawn Trudeau of FlipN’ Jigz

Mr. Trudeau caught this nice slab just off the side of the boat. This one happened to be the nicest of the day at nearly 12 inches.


Over 10 inches on the left and under 10 inches on the right side well. The far-right photo is of the best fish we caught – I wear a size 11 Men’s shoe. A really nice Crappie for Illinois.


To improve your experience we’d like to make a few suggestions.

  • Bring yourself of course
  • Have an open mind to learning something new
  • Forget your tackle unless they ask you to bring some
  • A cooler and baggies for your fish/fillets – unless of course, you catch and release
  • Bring a fillet knife and help cut fish. They will do it for you, but it’s nice if you help.
    • You’ll catch fish so this is a good opportunity to practice your filleting techniques
  • Keep an eye on the weather and bring rain gear, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, etc.
  • Have realistic expectations – On this day we got pretty lucky. Weather was decent and fish were really active. Some days they just aren’t.

Gear We Used

The Knives of Alaska – Suregrip Steelheader

The Knives of Alaska – Suregrip Steelheader fillet knife. For the more experienced fish fillet master. This knife is a super sharp, less flexible blade, multi-use knife. This product is available on AMAZON HERE

The Rada Cutlery – Sportsman Fillet Knife

The Rada Cutlery fillet knife. A sharp, reasonably priced, Made in America fillet knife. This product is available on AMAZON HERE I love Rada Cutlery – A company based right here in the Midwest making American products.

Watch for our separate reviews of these two exceptional fillet knives. 

The SA Fishing Products Faceshields/Coverings – Extra UV protection for those of you that are sensitive to sunburns, like me. Get some of these SA UV Protection faceshields.

That’s about it for this post to Midwest Bliss.

FlipN’ Jigz Fish Tours of Argenta, Illinois is definitely a great guide service if you are looking to improve your next fishing adventure. Reasonably priced and great service.

Give FlipN’ Jigz a call!!

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