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2020 Fall Foliage in Illinois

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2020 Fall Foliage in Illinois

Well, 2020 has been quite the year for us. From leadership issues, impeachments, COVID-19, shutdowns, face coverings, and now a Presidential election that cannot seem to end. What hasn’t disappointed is the lovely colors of fall here in the Midwest. So, here is our roundup of 2020 Fall Foliage in Illinois.

Nationwide and statewide shutdowns due to COVID-19 obviously impacted our ability to really travel around much to capture the beauty of fall here in Illinois and the Midwest. However, we have gathered up a really lovely sample of some of the best fall foliage available.

Grandview Drive – Peoria, Illinois

One of our favorite fall destinations is this lovely stretch of magnificent property in north-east Peoria, Illinois. Famously named “World’s Most Beautiful Drive” by former President Theodore Roosevelt in 1910 during a visit to the area, the views will not disappoint.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Lake of the Woods – Mahomet, Illinois

Situated along Interstate 74 in Mahomet, Illinois, near Champaign, is this hidden gem of a public park. Lake of the Woods is a 900-acre preserve with plenty to do for the active person with a desire for an escape close enough to food, hotels, and shopping but with a feeling of still being “away from it all”. You can even get in a round of golf at this lovely little park.

Fall foliage is a great time to visit Lake of the Woods. You will even see small herds of white-tailed deer venturing out to grab a quick nibble from the lush grass.

fall wildlife

Starved Rock State Park – Oglesby, Illinois

By far one of the most recognizable and popular parks in all of Illinois is Starved Rock State Park. Known for its waterfalls, canyons, numerous trail systems, the park never fails to attract nature enthusiasts from all over the Midwest and beyond.

Fall is just the beginning of the best time to visit the park in our humble opinion. Of course, spring and summer are great times to visit also. However, you will likely find the park very busy and not as enjoyable as in slower seasons, like fall and winter. During fall and winter, the park is much more relaxed and enjoyable for the adventurer looking to flee the crowds of rowdy kids and teenagers.

Fall foliage at Starved Rock will always impress and you might even begin to see migrating Eagles that come to the area as the weather begins to cool in the north.

fall canyon

Spring Lake and Lake Chautauqua – Manito, Illinois

An outdoorsman’s paradise – These two lakes are actually backwaters of the nearby Illinois River. However, if you are an outdoor sportsperson, this area is for you. All season long you’ll find some of the best fishing and hunting Central Illinois has to offer.

During the fall, not only is the foliage spectacular but the waterfowl migration that graces this area is some of the most active you’ll find anywhere in the state. The fall foliage just makes it all much more beautiful.

If you happen to visit this area during the fall, keep a sharp eye high in the trees for nesting Bald Eagles or an occasional Osprey, which we were able to see this year.

osprey in flight

osprey taking fish

Other favorites

Fall is magical. Despite all that we have been through in 2020, fall foliage reminds us that there is beauty – an end of one thing and the beginning of something new.

Here are some of our other fall foliage and other fall favorites.

So, whatever happens in the remaining days and weeks of 2020, keep in mind that there is still so much beauty in the world. Go out and find it and enjoy it.

Thank you all for stopping by and visiting Midwest Bliss.

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