pic of Jai

Hey everyone! I’m Jai – a guy from the Midwest that has really had an incredible life, full of various adventures, experiences, people, and places. I am definitely a “cup half full” kind of guy. I enjoy lots of different things, mostly spending good quality time with my family, which seems to get harder as time goes by.

Paramedic by trade, currently navigating the corporate life in management. After spending fifteen years plus in the field I was ready to give my body and mind a break from the daily stress of emergency calls, split second decisions, sirens, and uncertainty of each day. My mission for my site is to capture my own imagination and yours, inspire myself and you, and to post a variety of information that not only I might find useful, but others may as well.

My purpose in blogging has changed and evolved quite a bit since I first thought of developing a site. I truly hope to build a solid community of followers from anywhere really but mostly from the Midwest. So far my content ideas will revolve around Midwest destinations and lifestyle with an occasional topic just to keep things from getting dull. I have a variety of tastes and hobbies, so I really cannot plan for “this” or “that” on the site. I will probably post a variety of topics until I find something that works – I enjoy writing and readers enjoy reading.

So, enjoy my page and feel free to send me your comments. Maybe we will have something in common and together we can create good conversation and learn from each other. For example, Why is President Trump’s face orange?

∗ Unless otherwise stated, photos used on this page have been taken by me. I give credit to any borrowed photos or GIFs unless they are posted on random pages easily found on the internet.

∗∗ Any references to other sites will be noted and referenced properly. 




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