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Have I got a story for you, or maybe lots of stories. With a career spanning over twenty years in emergency medical services as a paramedic, I have seen a thing or two. Over the past several years I have been searching for ways to reminisce on the good without rehashing the gruesome. Sort of proactive therapy.

In emergency medical services, the gruesome and sad typically are more numerous than the happy, positive, or just plain funny. However, it is the lighter side of the industry that gives us providers a reason to keep going in light of a career filled with tragedy, sadness, and stress.

My goal for this page is to bring some comic relief to my fellow EMS workers, Nurses, Firefighters, Police Officers, and Physicians. All posts will be from my own experiences, be comical, or be a time when a patient or I was touched by something spectacular.

I am titling this page Mongo Memoirs. Mongo is a name I pulled from a colleague that affectionately refers to boneheaded paramedics as “Mongo the Medic”. This page will be home to some of my best memories as a career paramedic.

This page is dedicated to all my colleagues, friends, educators, providers, and everyone else that deals with some of life’s craziness.

Mongo’s stories


In an effort to be sensitive to patients and compliant with HIPAA, no names will be shared or will be changed other than my own, no dates, no locations, and no agencies will be listed. 


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  1. As an EMT I’m excited to hear your stories! I never pursued it other than basic level, but find the idea of the field, if hugely difficult, also thrilling and fulfilling.

    1. Great, glad to hear from another provider. I already have my first post to the Mongo Memoirs ready to go. Not sure when I’m going to publish it. Being a holiday week, not sure if it’s in good taste to poke fun at people. Thanks for following along.

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