Diadora Mythos Fly Hip

The Diadora Mythos Fly Hip

The Diadora Mythos Fly Hip – a solid running shoe by the Italian shoemaker.

Not well known for their running shoe, Diadora has a solid line of shoes for the running enthusiast. If you’re not brand loyal and just looking for a solid shoe, give Diadora a try – I think you’ll like them.

My running experience is amateur, only in the sense that I am not a competitive runner, with an average per week miles of 10 to 15.

I run almost exclusively on the paved road, occasional gravel road or grass path, and during colder months, I’m a treadmill hater.

My pronation is neutral and standard width, which is important for my review of the Diadora Mythos Fly Hip.

I hinted a little earlier that I tend to not be brand loyal. I really like to try new things and experience new products and technology – seems no brand always has the cutting edge technology all the time. So, I like to shop around and see who has new and sexy stuff.

I was turned onto Diadora brand at a boutique running store in Central Illinois – Running Central of Peoria, Illinois. A great local store with exceptional customer service. Up to this point, I had only minimal knowledge of Diadora brand. I was and am still impressed with the shoe.

Read on.

On to the shoe:


Here are my stats for the Diadora Mythos Fly Hip. As you can see, I logged 190 miles over 56 runs.

I purchased these shoes in late fall and paid about $129 USD. This price point is on the upper end for what I have spent on any running shoe over the last three years that I have been running regularly and doing reviews of my shoes. Still, though, a pretty good value because I got more mileage from this shoe than others I have reviewed.

One point to make is that having purchased these shoes later in the season, I have put in more miles on the treadmill than on some other running shoes. Additionally, I have run less this year on gravel and trails than in the past.


Appeal and Design

Diadora uses their own technology they call Blushield – HERE is the link to their website for a more technical explanation.

Solid comfort throughout the shoe with a very comfortable, even step. This shoe is set up for the neutral runner for sure. Breathable upper helps keep the airflow around the foot and an interesting print/graphic on the shoe for a cool look.

When I purchased my Diadoras, the only color is this Black/Gray/White. Kind of a lifeless appeal in today’s shoe market, but I’m not here to impress since I’ll be near the middle of the pack. In fact, you can only get this shoe in Black with either a Gray or White stripe – boring!

One important thing I noticed with this shoe – possibly because of its Italian origins, is that it is made wider than any other running shoe I have ever owned. I photographed the label on the tongue to point out that there is no marking for Width on this shoe. I also checked their website and there is no mention or sizing for Width. See photo below.

I have standard shoe width of “D” and those types will always do the trick. For the Diadora, I had to compensate for that extra width by using the top eyelet to pull some of the material in around my ankle.

The sales team that sold me this shoe laced the shoe this way without even thinking about it. I had never had to do this on any other shoe, however, it did make the shoe fit very comfortably and prevented ANY heel slip. This must be a common thing with this line of shoe.


  • Toebox nice and roomy – more than likely due to the wider than usual overall shoe
  • An OrthoLite insert is nice and soft and held up nicely
  • Sole wore nice and even. More photos below of the sole and the wear that I put on the shoe
  • Solid construction


  • Pricepoint is a little high I thought
  • No option for width – was fairly comfortable after lacing the top eyelet and sinching the laces up tight
  • Poor color selection


Here you can see the way I broke these in with the extra material around the mid-foot and having to pull the laces in tight.


Nice, even tread wear on the sole. The left shoe had a slight difference in heel wear, which is not normal for me. However, I didn’t really notice it up to the last run I used the shoe on.


The Diadora Mythos Fly Hip is a solid option for a neutral running shoe. I liked it, and if there were more options available I would probably buy again.

I give the Mythos Fly Hip 4 Stars out of 5.

I would have given this shoe a higher rating if there was a sizing option for a narrower foot. Otherwise, this is a solid running shoe that deserves a nod.

diadora mythos fly hip

Thanks for reading.

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