Nike Pegasus 33 Review

The Nike Pegasus 33

Nike makes another very good running shoe in a competitive price range.

The Pegasus 33 is a good shoe by Nike, just wasn’t really for me. I’ll get to why in just a moment. This shoe is lightweight, well made, and great for road and light terrain.

My running experience is amateur, only in the sense that I am not a competitive runner. I average about per week miles of 10 to 15. I run mostly on road surfaces and very rarely on light trails with these shoes.

On to the shoe:



As you can see above, I put about 34 miles on this pair of Nike Pegasus 33. That is just barely broken in I know, however, I found that my feet just didn’t really care for this model of shoe. Still extremely comfortable and lightweight, the Pegasus 33 is made a little too narrow for me. I wouldn’t say that I have a wide foot by any means, but this shoe just didn’t have the room I enjoy in the forefoot. Otherwise, a great shoe. Notice the toe box on the Pegasus 33 – narrow at the front compared to my newer Winflow 5. Very noticeable when running.


I enjoy a lightweight shoe and this as with the Nike Run Swift I last reviewed, definitely is in the lightweight shoe category.

The only modification to my shoes is an aftermarket insert. I use Sofsole inserts in my running shoes – makes all the difference for me.


  • Lightweight
  • Cool and breathable
  • As with the Run Swift, a flywire construction on the sides provide extra support for the mid-foot
  • You can still get this model and the price point is a very affordable $60 USD
  • The sole is quite soft and comfortable while running – very surprising in this price range.


  • With the lightweight of these shoes, you are kind of restricted to a smooth surface. Not sure that is a drawback to the shoe – I use a different shoe for running trails or more aggressive terrain.
  • Aggressive runners might wear these out very quickly
  • Limited stability – If you need a stability shoe this is not for you

As you can see – still looking good with no signs of construction failure.

Click on each photo for a closer look.

I wanted to like the Pegasus 33 – the narrow toe box was kind of a deal breaker for me. Again, I do not have a wide foot at all but the shoe just wasn’t doing it for me; especially running.

I am giving the Pegasus 33 a 3 out of 5. I still rank it fairly high even though I didn’t really like it. The shoe still has all the attributes I look for – lightweight, a really soft sole, good construction, and a price point that is well below many other brands.

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