Nike Winflo 5 Review

Nike Winflo 5 Review

The Nike Winflo 5 is a decent shoe by Nike. The shoe was just “ok” for me – not what I was expecting, but I was not expecting a great deal in this price range either.

Over the past year or so I’ve really wanted to be a believer in Nike Running to compete in the running shoe market. I would say Nike has had success in this shoe category, but not because of their great shoes, but because of price, marketing, and distribution. You can pretty much find a pair of Nike running shoes on every corner and everywhere in between.

A little about me – I am an avid runner, running on average of 50 to 75 miles per month. I do not compete much just because of time – I run when my schedule allows. I do mostly road running with an occasional trail run thrown in just to break things up, but I use a different shoe for trails. I am a neutral pronator with a standard width. Nothing exciting.

The Shoe:


As you can see here, I put just over 100 miles on the Winflo 5 while using it for running only.

The shoe is not designed to be worn on trails at all, so these are strictly road miles – hard asphalt with an occasional gravel path or grass.

My opinion of the shoe is mixed really. At first I really liked the shoe, however, as it broke in the material in the sole began to compress, which changed the angle of my heel strike. I’ll show some pictures below of what I’m talking about.

I would say the first 50 miles on the shoe were the best, and the last 50 miles were a struggle to complete.


The shoe it made pretty well all things considered. No rips or tears, no loss of the bottom sole, and the wear on the sole actually performed quite nicely.

I really do enjoy the “Flywire” design of the upper mid of this and other similar designed Nike running shoes. I can get a really comfortable fit with minimal effort.

As you can see – the shoes held up nicely and the sole wear is even. So, construction of the shoe is pretty good.


The Nike Winflo 5 was true to fit. I wear a size 10 U.S. in most running shoes and the Winflo 5 was very true to my size.

Nice room in the toe box area, so no blisters or compacted toes. I did an earlier review of the Pegasus 33, which was a very problematic shoe for me because the toe box area was so compact. You can click that link to read that review.

As above, I really enjoy the mid-upper of these and other Nike running shoes with the “Flywire” design. It brings the middle of the shoe nice and snug for a nearly custom fit to the owner – very nice feature. I experienced no slippage with the back of the heel on the Winflo 5 either.


  • Nice price point – I think this is really where Nike has success. I picked these shoes up on Amazon for about $60 US. That’s pretty good.
  • Lightweight shoe
  • Flywire lacing which is really great for a personalized fit
  • Good construction of the shoe
  • Even sole wear


  • Uneven compaction of the sole material – as above, after about 50 miles of wear, the foam padding in the sole began to compress and change the heel strike. Became unmanageable by the time I reached 100 miles on the shoe. See photos below
  • Insert was a little weak and thin. This might have contributed to the excessive compaction of the sole padding
  • As you can see in these photos, the foam padding became very compressed. I am an average size guy, so my body weight is not much of a factor. The photo of the back of the shoe is the Right shoe and you can see how the compaction of the material would have changed the heel strike.

Final thoughts

The Nike Winflo was just an “Ok” shoe. I wanted to like it, and for the first 50 miles running, I did. However, after that first 50 miles, the shoe was pretty much useless.

I still have the shoe but do not wear it even for walking. It has been sitting in storage awaiting this review and will be discarded to the local thrift shop where someone might get a little more use from it.

I would give the Nike Winflo 5 2 Stars out of 5. The best part of the shoe is price and a decent fit at first. After they are broken in, better plan on your next pair of running shoes pretty quickly.

I would say if you are looking for a pair of Nike running shoes – Pass on these if you run as much or more than I do.

Thank for reading.

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