Brickell Daily Essential Face Moisturizer – Review

  • Brickell Daily Essential Face Moisturizer

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I have been using this product for several months now and I love this product. I have never been a user of moisturizer, however, as I have gotten older and exposure to the sun has taken it’s toll, I have become a firm believer in using good facial products to keep my skin looking good.

What I love most about the skin products from this company is that they are made with all or nearly all organic and natural ingredients – no harmful synthetic chemicals.

I use this daily face moisturizer in conjunction with other Brickell facial products, which I will review later. I use this in the mornings after a shower to lock in moisture to my face. I even will use this following a shave to rejuvenate my skin – I cannot say that it helps with razor burn or anything, however, it still does an amazing job getting moisture back in my skin.

A little goes a long way, so the cost per application is actually quite low. I use a dime size amount for my entire face once each morning. The company suggests that the 4oz bottle should last you about thirty days, but I make it last much longer than that typically.  The product goes on smooth with no oily feel – I opted for unscented. Give this product a try – you will love it.


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