merrell moab 2 hiking boot

Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Mid

Merrell Moab 2 Hiking Boot

Looking for a great hiking boot? The Merrell Moab 2 is a great option for the novice to experienced hiker.

merrell hiking boot

The Moab 2 is a very good hiking boot from Merrell, and with the brand recognition of Merrell, you know you’re getting a good product.

The Merrell Moab 2 line of hiking boot/shoe comes in several different models depending on your need – Waterproof, Ventilator, Gore-tex, low top, mid top, and even a Moc – Who knew? Great options for this shoe.

Moab 2 Likes

  • Great construction
  • Excellent mid-foot support
  • Aggressive sole for good traction on wet, uneven surfaces
  • Warm – could be a downside in warmer weather. If you are hiking in summer temperatures, you may want the Ventilator Low top. I would say the Waterproof Mid is a three season hiker (milder winter regions).
  • Water resistant – I haven’t had these boots fully submerged, but I did walk through water that was slightly over the sole and my feet did not get wet. Merrell claims waterproof, but I cannot verify that just yet.
  • Multiple styles to fit the application you want – a big plus!!
  • Price – Very affordable

Moab 2 Dislikes

  • Heavy – at 2lbs 4oz (as advertised), not the lightest but certainly not the heaviest. I hike in the Midwest, so a heavy boot is not necessary. You could get away with lightweight, low tops most of the time. My feet and lower legs tire quickly in these boots.
  • Limited color – I preferred the Granite, however, most vendors only carried one color and online vendors were sold out of most sizes.
  • Break-in period needed – Merrell claims “out of the box comfort” but I found these to need several wearings to loosen up a bit. No doubt they felt good but my pair was quite stiff.
  • Sizing may vary – I upsized about a half size and they were still slightly snug until broken in. Online shoppers, please keep sizing in mind and consider upsizing a half size from your normal shoe size.

Where to buy

With brand recognition like Merrell, you can get these shoes at most outdoor outfitters, big box retailers, and many online vendors. Merrell’s own website appears to be quite good, however, I bought from a brick and mortar store.

If you are looking for a pair of these Merrell Moab 2 and are price sensitive, click HERE and check Amazon. You will likely find good prices through Amazon if you are into buying footwear online. Just beware that there will likely be some limitations with a particular size in some colors.

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The Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Mid is my first entry into the mid-height/waterproof hiker. I really like this boot and there are relatively few drawbacks.

I would give the Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Mid a 4.5 out of 5 stars. 4.5 stars

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  1. I have had Merrell boots (not this particular style) in the past and really liked them. I think they make a good product. Thanks for the review of this.

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