Welcome fellow foodies

If there is anything about the Midwest that makes us unique, besides corn as far as the eye can see, is that we know good food.

After getting my blog going, I was looking for ways to expand my community of interests and people and what better way to do that than with food.

My Food Philosophy –

Food should be fun – Food should be shared – Food should bring people together – Food should taste good

If you have found this page either by accident or you follow this blog, let me give you my thirty-second take on what to expect from me and the recipes I share.

  • I do not cook or plan on sharing recipes as part of a “healthy eating plan”. If that is what you are looking for then shoot me a message and I will send you some fabulous sites I follow that offer those types of recipes.
  • Food is fuel but food should be enjoyable. If you enjoy eating as much as I do, then you better be getting some exercise with it or you will gain weight. I do not count calories πŸ™‚
  • Ingredients, ingredients, ingredients. Did I mention ingredients? You cannot use bottom shelf ingredients and expect great recipes. At best you will get mediocre results.

Influences and Resources –

Since I am not a chef and have only hobbyist culinary knowledge, I will be using a variety of sources and influences in this section of my site.

I will use recipes that I find fit well in the Midwest lifestyle theme I wish to stay loyal to. However, anyone can feel free to try these out. Some of the recipes will be my own that are highly influenced by family, friends, etc. Since most recipes start off with an “original” recipe, I will make every attempt to find that and give credit where credit is due.

I will always link back to ANY online resource I use and make sure that author gets some love. This is a No Plagiarizing site – credit will always go back to the author that influenced these recipes.

Thank you folks and enjoy!!

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Espresso Brownies




Best Chicken Noodle Soup







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